Join the Free World - Joe's Website

I am Josep Bigorra, call me Joe. Welcome to my few squre meters of internet 🤟🏼 !

I am a Software Engineer ⚙️, member of the church of Emacs, GNU/Linux, Nix and Haskell fanatic, living in the Netherlands 🇳🇱. You could also describe me as Functional Programming/ Enthusiast, Free Software Advocate and perfectionist.

Come checkout my blog here, where I discuss programming, my thoughts on life, and write some guides.

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I strive for a free world and I'm a supporter of the Free Software Foundation.

I want you to feel at home here in this corner of the web, and that you join me in my adventure for more freedom in our day-to-day computing. Join the free world we've built, thanks to GNU, Linux and thousands of other wonderful projects.

I'm always working on computer systems, improving my Emacs workflow and config file, working with functional programming, engineering reliable systems and databases.

You can also find me playing some guitar 🎸, or doing some CrossFit.

My code

See all the source code for my projects at GitLab: I try to release all my personal projects in a way that is free as in freedom and released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) v3.0 or later.

Find the source code for this very website , also released under the GNU GPL.